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Baja Ferry

Baja to Mainland Ferries: More Popular Than Ever

Although this information was updated in November 2014, please confirm travel plans with ferry employees or travel agents prior to traveling. Prices, departure times, and other facts may have changed.

The California Star, built in Italy in 2002, travels the La Paz--Topolobampo route in six or seven hours. The Mazatlan Star connects Mazatlan and La Paz; the overnight crossing takes about 16 to 17 hours. (These vessels sometimes switch routes but have the same travel time and keep to the schedules listed below.) Basic cabins have four bunks as well as sink, shower, and toilet; they cost 770 pesos plus the walk-on fare. Pay another 130 pesos for a TV with DVD player. You can rent movies or bring your own.

Both vessels accommodate walk-on passengers as well as cars, motorcycles, RVs and larger vehicles. Pets must be crated. The first pet (one per family) is free; additional cost is 205 pesos per pet, plus tax. Pets are not allowed in the vehicle or in the guest cabins but are kept in their crates in a separate part of the boat.

Many Mexicans pay by bank deposit, but as this is not a usual form of payment for most foreigners; they usually choose cash or credit card. You can use your MasterCard or Visa at ferry landings or pay by phone through the call center or ferry offices at La Paz/Pichilingue, Los Mochis/Topolobampo, and Mazatlan (see below). The affiliated travel agencies listed at the bottom of the page may not accept credit cards. It’s a good idea, if possible, to pay several days in advance to avoid surprises. Even if you’ve paid early, travelers should arrive at the ferry three hours before departure. Your car may need to be inspected by customs officials, and of course foreigners and nationals with foreign plates must have a Vehicle Importation Permit.

General information

www.bajaferries.com (English-language option for most pages)

Call center tel. 612/123-6600 (La Paz, Baja California Sur) and toll-free within Mexico 01800/FERRIES or 01800/337-7437.

It’s not unusual to get no answer at the above numbers. Don’t wait until the last minute to phone. If you can’t get through, try calling the phone numbers for specific ferry landings and travel agencies listed below. Each location usually has at least one telephone representative that speaks basic to good English.

Baja Ferry schedules & fares (please confirm ahead of time!)

La Paz—Topolobampo—La Paz - (cruising time, 6 to 7 hours)

  • Topolobampo to La Paz: Departure Sunday through Friday at 2300 hours
  • La Paz to Topolobampo: Departure Monday through Friday at 1430 hours
  • La Paz to Topolobampo: Saturday departure at 2300 hours

    One-way Fare

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    Adult: 878 pesos
    Seniors (with Mexican Senior Citizens Card): 838 pesos
    Kids (age 3--11): Half the adult fare
    Children under 3: Free
    Cabin: 770 pesos (plus walk-on fee for each of 1 to 4 passengers); add 130 pesos for a TV/DVD player


    The driver’s fare is included; additional passengers pay walk-on rate.
    Car: 1,960 pesos
    Motorcycle: 1,698 pesos
    Car with tow (to 9 meters): 4,600 pesos
    RV (to 12 meters long): 7,788 pesos
    Each additional meter: 820 pesos

    La Paz--Mazatlán--La Paz Ferry (cruising time, 16 to 17 hours)

  • La Paz to Mazatlan: Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday departures at 1700 hours
  • Mazatlan to La Paz: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday departures at 1600 hours

    One-way Fare

    Adult: 1,078 pesos
    Kids (age 3--11): Half the adult fare
    Children under 3: Free
    Cabin: 770 pesos (plus walk-on fee for each of 1 to 4 passengers)


    The driver’s fare is included; additional passengers pay walk-on rate.
    Car: 2,303 pesos
    Motorcycle: 1,963 pesos
    Car with trailer (to 9 meters): 7,669 pesos
    RV (to 12 meters): 15,128 pesos
    Each additional meter: 1,950 pesos

    Baja Ferry Locations

    La Paz/Pichilingue, BCS
    Interior Muelle de Altura
    Lote 1, Manzana F
    20 km from La Paz at
    Pichilingue, BCS
    Tel. 612/125-6324
    Hours: 8AM to 2PM
    Closed Sunday

    Topolobampo, Sinaloa
    Muelle de Contenedores (Container Dock)
    Tel. 668/862-1003
    01800/718-2796 (toll-free in Mexico )
    Hours: 9AM to 11PM
    Closed Saturday

    Mazatlan, Sinaloa
    Malecon s/n
    Tel. 669/985-0470
    Mazatlán, Sinaloa
    Hours: Daily 8AM to 3:30PM

    Purchasing tickets

    Pay in cash, by bank deposit, or with MasterCard or Visa; no checks. Or, visit these affiliated travel agencies in Baja and mainland Mexico for information and to purchase tickets.

    Baja California
    Ciudad Constitución, BCS
    Agencia de Viajes Pedrín
    Domicilio Conocido
    Tel. 613/132-1012

    Loreto, BCS
    Agencia de Viajes Pedrín
    Domicilio Conocido
    Tel. 613/135-0204

    La Paz, BCS
    Calle Allende 1025 at Calle Marcelo Rubio, Centro
    Tel. 612/125-7443
    Fax 612/125-7444

    San José del Cabo, BCS
    Plaza Guaymitas, Local 6
    Tels. 624/142-4610 or 624/142-4291

    Mainland Mexico
    Los Mochis, Sinaloa
    Blvd Centenario at Blvd Rosales
    Plaza Encuentro, Local 5
    Tels. 668/817-3752 or within Mexico only, 01800/012-8770

    Guadalajara, Jalisco
    Agencia Plaza Independencia
    Calzada Independencia Norte 3295
    Loc. 13, Zona B interior, Plaza Comercial Independencia
    Tels. 33/3674-2067 or within Mexico only, 01800/570-1068