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Driving Down Mexico’s Pacific Coast:
Road Signs and Driving Tips

For more road signs and travel tips see Cruising Baja: Road Signs and Driving Tips. To calculate your driving time or fuel costs click here.

Driving Distance

Driving distance along Toll Highway 15 (“Cuota”) between the border at Nogales (Arizona and the town of the same name in Mexico) and Guadalajara, several hours east of Puerto Vallarta, is 1694 km (1053 mi). Tolls total a little more than US$200 one way for cars and motorcycles.


Regular unleaded gas is called magna, and the pump is green (verde). Higher octane super is in the red (rojo) pump. Most attendants are honest, but a few bad apples can ruin the reputation of the whole bunch. Make sure she or he resets the pump to “0” before pumping your gas. Don’t forget to tip a few pesos for pumping the gas, more if the attendant checks your oil, fills the tires with air, cheerfully puts up with your awful Spanish, and/or washes the windshield.

Near the U.S. border you may find signs in English, but most are strictly en español. Below find a translation of the most commonly seen signs.

Road Signs in Spanish and Their English Equivalents
Spanish English
Precaución extrema: orilla peligrosaExtreme caution: dangerous shoulder
No se estacione en curvaDon’t park on a curve
Termina acotamientoShoulder ends
Carreteras limpias son mas segurasClean highways are safer
Precaución: maquinas trabajandoCaution: machinery working ahead
Cinturón de seguridad obligatorioUse of seat belt mandatory
No maltrates las senalesDon’t damage road signs
Precaución: zona de derrumbesCaution: landslides possible
No circule por acotamientoDon’t drive on shoulder
Modere la velocidad, su familia le esperaSlow down, your family is waiting for you
Con niebla o lluvia enciende sus lucesTurn on lights when foggy or rainy
Carril izquierdo solo para rebasarLeft lane for passing only
Principia tramo de cuotaBegin toll road
No deje piedras sobre el pavamientoDon’t leave rocks on highway
Use acotamiento para emergenciaUse shoulder for emergencies
No exceda los límites de velocidadDon’t excede speed limits
Transito lento carril derechoSlower traffic use right lane
No tire basuraDon’t litter


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