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El Laberinto de las Ciencias

Inaugurated in September 2008, the “Labyrinth of Science” is a must-see on any visit to San Luis Potosí. The 6.5-hectare indoor-outdoor museum was designed by renowned architect Ricardo Legorreta and cost about $20 million dollars.

The first exhibit you’ll see is a cactus garden designed by Oaxaca’s best-known and most prolific artist, Francisco Toledo. As you walk through the diminutive maze, you’ll hear different strains of music emanating from the bed of smooth purple, pink, and gray rocks. The environmental artist Pedro Reyes created the sculpture “Pupa” of 5,000 repurposed 20-liter water jugs. Perhaps the coolest exhibit is a simple aluminum tube that shoots tiny jets of water in the form of the headlines of the daily local newspapers.

Within a purple-painted room, hundreds of light bulbs represent the artist’s vision of our journey through life. The visitor grasps two metal bars, which sends a current lighting up the bulbs in a pattern that is supposed to be unique to his or her special vibe. In the adjoining salon, sit in an S-shaped love seat and look up at a screen that reflects different colors depending on your mood.

In the children’s room there are lots of fun activities to keep both young ones and their parents amused; to burn off more energy there is play equipment outdoors. Another major part of the museum has more traditional scientific exhibits showing the workings of the world from the universe down to the cellular level. Explanations are in Spanish.

The museum is open daily; entrance is 60 pesos for adults, or gets a package including a 3-D movie at the adjacent theater for 89 pesos. It’s found within Tangamanga Park, Section I, on the south side of the city. The address is Blvd. Antonio Rocha Cordero s/n; tel. 444/210-0108. Hours: Monday through Friday 9 to 4; weekends 10 to 7.

The park is also home to nurseries, lakes, and sports facilities and a nice place for a picnic. Taxis in San Luis Potosí are metered and you can get to the Laberinto for under 50 pesos.


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