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Learn Spanish in Magical Pátzcuaro

Learn Spanish in Magical Pátzcuaro
Listing #: L5475
At the Center for Language and Ecotours of Pátzcuaro (CELEP), we believe that learning Spanish should be an enjoyable process, and that studying a language in a cultural setting has a synergistic effect with language learning. Classroom work at CELEP is liberally mixed with fun and the interesting cultural activities which are abundant in the Pátzcuaro area. One day you may move from the classroom to the top of a pyramid, or learn to make tortillas, or visit the workshop of a woodcarver, or enjoy an insider's view of a village fiesta. The cultural experiences are designed to build on the classroom work, giving the student an opportunity to use newly-acquired language skills by living them. The classes are led by well-trained teachers experienced both in the functional skills approach to learning Spanish and in fostering conversational practice at all language levels.
Navarrete # 50
Patzcuaro, Michoacan
Tel:  (434) 342 4764

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