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Chacala Real Estate

Chacala Real Estate
Listing #: L1662
"CHACALA, CHACALA" is said with a hint of reverence, as if one is speaking of a mystical place. Travelers who fly south to Puerto Vallarta pass over the glistening blue Pacific waters, the white sandy beaches and the swaying palm trees of Chacala Bay and it's diminutive sister, Chacalilla Bay. Last year newspapers and magazines thoroughout the U.S. and Canada touted Chacala as one of the best kept secrets of Mexico (ergo that secret!). Chacala's advantage lies in its location. It is one and half hours north of Puerto Vallarta. A lush green jungle and secluded bays await the visitor or resident who wants tranquility and under-development.
Chacala, Nayarit

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