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Retire in Mexico City
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Mexico City Retirement Profile

Cosmopolitan yet ethnic and with lovely colonial sections, Mexico's huge, smoggy capital offers great food, great (well-dressed) people, and tons of sightseeing, galleries, and museums. It's well situated in the heart of the country, with lots of international flights.

Some large hotels have pools

Crowded and polluted, but people on the streets day and night

Nearest boating on Laguna Avandaro, at Valle del Bravo

Nearest sailing on Laguna Avandaro, at Valle del Bravo

Good Food
Varied in cuisine and price range; something for everybody, from French to Lebanese and many regional specialties

Many galleries, many museums; classes, street art,... the whole enchilada

Club Scene
Clubs for every taste and budget

Lots of other things to do!

All the major grocery stores and warehouse stores, but factor in the traffiic

Mexico's best archaeology museum, an amazing museum at the ruins of Tenochtitlan, at the Zocalo, plus dozens of other museums

most of the treasures from the Aztec temple adjoining the Zocalo are in the adjacent, in situ museum; Teotihuacan an hour's drive north

Lovely churches, great museums, floating gardens of Xochimilco

Spanish School
Numerous institutions

Private clubs and major hotels have courts

Weavings from Chiapas, fine silk shawls from San Luis Potosi, you'll find it all; many shops of all price points

Boutiques, malls, govt.-run shops, flea markets, and tianguis (outdoor markets), but have to negociate this huge city

art movies, blockbusters in English; lots of choices

Sporting Events
Soccer, bullfights, wrestling, boxing, baseball are all popular

Surrounded by mountains, but too smoggy to see them.

downtown is rife with colonial structures, as are other neighborhoods

A huge city with shops, galleries, museums, and lots of culture

Wet season (June through Sept.) clears the air

Humidity is rarely a problem

Plenty of action for singles

Middle Class
Join the crowds!

Plenty of exceptional homes and accommodations; bring your bodyguard.

mostly sunny days,chilly nights

Summer rains clear the air; families flee to the coast July-Aug., easing congestion

All Year
altitude of 2240 meters above sea level, great weather

Mexican Community
Lots of Mexicans

International Airport
International flights to all over the world. Take a certified taxi, buy ticket at the booth

Loads of international flights

Expensive Hotels
Major chains well represented

Mid-Range Hotels
Great variety

With an elevation of 7,349 feet (2,240 meters), Mexico City is quite cool in the winter months (November thru February) and can get very cold at night. During the day it warms up but a coat is always advisable. It's hot in the summer, t-shirt and shorts for sure, although you can get wet!. The hottest months are April, May and June. Unfortunately, the horrendous pollution in Mexico City is equally bad all year round.

Retire in Mexico City


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Calle 35 23Centro, 24100 Cd del Carmen Mexico MX 2
Mexico City, Mexico
+52 557-100-1413

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