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Loreto Real Estate

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looking for a house to rent
2017-01-06 20:47:17 Listing # L5909 8

anything on the beach

Loreto, Baja California Sur

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condo for sale
2016-11-23 19:38:17 Listing # L5898 8

condo on the beach

Loreto, Mexico

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House for rent in Loreta
2016-04-10 13:37:53 Listing # L5770 8

Loreto, Baja California

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New Home For Sale:Near San Lucas Cove & Loreto
2014-07-10 10:38:30 Listing # L5351 8

$139,000 - New home for sale in The Cove Community. Are you wanting to live near the beach near San Lucas Cove, Santa Rosalia, and Loreto? Live the dream at a reasonable price. 100% safe, secure, beautiful and private. 1st world infrastructure with fresh water, electricity, sewer, cell service, tv, and WIFI. Floorplans, plot maps, and more photos available at www.thecovecommunity.com. Call George at 1-800-409-6320 for more information.

Santa Rosalia , Baja California

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Loreto Info

This sleepy town on the lower Baja peninsula was built by missionaries in the 1680s. It was the state capital for about 100 years before a major hurricane sent government officials scurrying to La Paz to establish there. Government funds promoted Loreto as a major tourism destination in the late 1970s with minimal success. Although condos and resort developments have been built south of town, this friendly little town continues to attract mainly avid anglers who enjoy their time in the sun.

It is a dry climate - nice in the winter - very hot in the summer (over 100).
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