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Ajijic Rentals

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Lake Chapala Rentals El Castillo
2020-10-21 21:12:50 Listing # L3358 8

El Castillo De La Floresta offers rentals in the Ajijic and Lake Chapala area

Ajijic, Jalisco

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Ajijic Vacation Rental
2020-08-31 04:46:20 Listing # L1994 8

2 bed, sleeps 6, pool, hot tub, tennis court

Ajijic, Mexico

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3BR house or apartment
2019-06-28 01:56:34 Listing # L7611 8

3 bedroom, 3 bathroom house of apartment. La Floresta, Ajijic.

Ajijic, Jalisco
(613) 829-9204

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Apartment with Breakfast--Lake Chapala
2015-02-26 14:31:44 Listing # L5545 8

Full equipped 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with access to gym and pool

Chapala, Jalisco
US Cell 505 379 3313

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Ajijic Info

A small artists and retirement community on the shores of Lake Chapala with lots of ex-pats. Great place to retire due to the friendliness of the other ex-pats and the variety of activities.

Ajijic is said to have the second best climate in the world. Winters are 65 to 80 and cool at night. It heats up in May and June but when the rain starts in July and August it cools down again. Good for all seasons.
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