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Coyoacan Federal District Travel Guide


Places to Stay - Click here for price key

There are no hotels that we know of in historic downtown Coyoacán (Villa de Coyoacán). One of the closest is Real del Sur ($$$, Av. División del Norte 3640, Coyoacán, tel. 55/5610-2456, www.realdelsur.com.mx). Not sure where they came up with the five-star rating, but it might do in a pinch. Perhaps more reliable is the well-known chain Holiday Inn ($$$, Calzada De Tlalpan, 1507 Col. Portales. Tel. 01800/000-0404), not far from Benito Juárez International Airport and with the usual bells and whistles, including airport shuttle.

Places to Eat & Drink - Click here for price key

The iconic Cantina La Guadalupana ($$, Higuera 2, centro, tel. 55/5554-6253) serves food and drinks after 1pm daily.

With tables outside overlooking the park, La Cueva del Cuervo ($$--$$$, Calle Tres Cruces near Calle Francisco Sosa, Jardín Centenario) is a favorite watering hole for locals and serves appetizers.

A tiny neighborhood restaurant, La Talavera ($$, Gómez Farias 117, tel. 55/5659-1939), serves typical Mexican dishes. Open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch: 8:30 to noon and again between 1 and 5pm.

Facing the Iglesia de Santa Catarina and the Casa de Culturas, Las Lupitas ($$--$$$, Plaza Santa Catarina, tel. 55/5554-3353) has a meat-based norteño menu.

Pardiños ($$$, Av. Miguel A. de Quevedo 687, tel. 55/5659-7706) is a fish and seafood restaurant that began in Campeche and now has several other locations throughout Mexico. It’s popular with business people and “the ladies who lunch.”

Sanborns Centenario ($$--$$$, Jardín Centenario 5, centro, tel. 55/5659-7135) is a dependable chain restaurant serving burgers, enchiladas, breakfast, and more in the heart of Coyoacán.

Things to Do

The following museums are closed on Mondays.

Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli: Calle Museo 150, San Pablo Tepetlapa. Hour-long guided visits starting at 10:30AM.

Casa Museo de León Trotsky: Av. Río Churubusco 410

Casa Museo Frida Kahlo: Londres 247, tel. 55/5554-5999

Museo Nacional de Culturas Populares: Av. Hidalgo 289, centro, tel. 55/5554-1801)

Museo de la Acuarela Mexicana: Av. Salvador Novo 88, tel.55/5554-1787

Casa de la Cultura (for art and dance classes): Francisco Sosa 202, Col. Las Villas

Tranvía Coyoacán: Main stop Calle Carrillo Puerto, in front of San Juan Bautista church, Plaza Hidalgo, tel. 55/5659-7198, www.tranviadeCoyoacán.com.mx

Mercado de Coyoacán: Calle Allende between Xicoténcatl and Malintzín, open daily 10 to 6.

Tourist Info

Tourism Office (Jardín Hidalgo 1, tel. 55/5658-0221, toll-free within Mexico 01800/987-8224)


The closet metro stops to Coyoacán are Universidad and Viveros.

Bus Info

The bus station, Central del Sur (AKA Taxqueña) is located at Av. Taxqueña 1320, Coyoacán, tels. 55/5689-8679 or 55/5689-8681. Buses that serve the destination include ADO, Cristóbal Colón, Estrella de Oro, Estrella Roja, Estrella Blanca/Futura, Pullman de Morelos and Turistar.

ADO and Cristóbal Colón (through TicketBus agents): tel. 55/5133-2424
Estrella de Oro: tel. 55/5549-8520
Estrella Roja: tel. 01800/712-2284
Estrella Blanca/Futura: tel. 55/5729-0707 and 55/5271-0578
Pullman de Morelos: tel. 55/5549-3505
Turistar: tel. 55/5567-5669