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Creel Real Estate


2020-03-29 12:51:04 Listing # L7647 8

Looking for a place near Creel.

Creel, Chihuahua

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Hotel for Sale
2009-10-10 22:51:47 Listing # L917

Casa de Chihuahua is for sale. Foreign companies are investing more and more in Chihuahua (Ford is bringing a new car plant, Boeing and Airbus are building cables). A flow of new large companies is forecast for 2009. It's a good time to get in on some Chihuahua real estate!

Chihuahua, Chihuahua

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Creel Info

Stop at Creel for at least a few days when you take the Copper Canyon train. It is a good place to relax and a great base for day trips to interesting rock formations, waterfalls, and longer treks by horse, mule, truck or private vehicle into area canyons.

Located at 2338 meters (7,671 feet) above sea level and surrounded by pine-oak forests, Creel has a mountain climate: cool days and cold nights in winter, with snow possible. In the summer, days are warm to hot, with pleasant, cool nights. Things get dry and dusty December- June; summer rains refresh.
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