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Acapulco Hotels

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Hotel Gilda
2013-06-30 18:28:14 Listing # L3561 6

Boutique hotel located directly on the beach of the Mexican Pacific Ocean This One of a kind, low-impact, eco-friendly, rustic lodging is located directly on an extended and lonely beach of the Mexican Pacific Ocean near Acapulco. Decorated with artwork, it feels exclusive. Guests of Hotelgilda are friends.The hotel is a Spanish colonial style house surrounded by a tropical garden and has a small pool. There are seven rooms all which have a terrace and hammocks which is ideal for families.

Acapulco, Guerrero

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La Piedra Del Elefante
2012-06-15 16:18:55 Listing # L183 1

Fabulous top of the line waterfront property in the Las Playas area, with magnificent views

Acapulco, Guerrero
52 744 4 60-11

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2011-02-16 12:27:52 Listing # L1679

Just a stone´s throw away from Acapulco, yet seemingly a million miles from this bustling beach destination , the secluded Casa Yal ma Ka an, provides the perfect location for a romantic adult vacation experience.Tours and excursions are available on request .

Acapulco, Guerrero

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Selene Hotel & Suites
2016-01-03 19:39:36 Listing # L239

Comfortable suites with cable TV, a/c and pool. Across from the CiCi Water Park

Acapulco, Guerrero

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Acapulco Info

Once a haven for those who love real Mexico and nightlife this place has been hit hard by the drug wars, Acapulco seduces at night.

Acapulco never really gets very cold although November through February are the coldest. The rainy season is the summer months and usually it only rains at night although occasionally it rains during the day. The hottest months are April, May and June. Due to the high humidity, many people use AC throughout the whole year.
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