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It slipped my mind

A necessary evil

A slow learner

A taste of your own medicine

A week from now

Actually, well, so, in fact, in summation

All of a sudden

An offer you canít refuse

An overweight person wearing tight clothes

And so on and so forth

Any time now

Anything can happen.

As hard as s/he can

As long as / given that

As soon as possible

At the end of the day, after all

Battle of wills

Be an angel

Be quiet.

Betcha canít eat just one!

Between the lines

Big time

Born lucky

Boy wonder

Break the ice

By sheer force of will, without help

Cannon fodder

case closed

Catch some Zs

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children

Child's play

Childís play

Chill out, take it easy


Come what may

Come what may / no matter what


crack the knuckles

Damn it!

Damn! (exclamation or adjective)


Dang, darn it

Dedicate body and soul

Definitely; exactly

Do not disturb.

Doesnít that make your mouth water?

Don't try this at home.

Don't worry.

Donít be dramatic.

Donít get involved in this.

Donít get me wrong.

Donít play the fool.

Donít sweat it.

Donít waste your breath.

Donīt be a chicken.

Double-edged sword

Drunk and disorderly


Element of surprise

Enjoy all types of people

Excuse me.

Face to face

Fall flat on one's face

Fancy, elegant


Flesh and blood

For sure

For the record

For the umpteenth time

Forbidden fruit

From start to finish

Game of cat and mouse

Get excited about it. Come on! Get into it.

Get it together, get going

Get out of my way!

Get the lead out!

Get to work!

Give it your all

Give yourself body and soul

Go to hell!

God bless you.

God forbid!

God willing

God willing

God willing

Goodbye, cruel world!

Handed over on a silver platter

Happy as a clam

Happy holidays!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy Valentineís Day

He blew his top / He blew his stack.

He thinks he's better than everyone else

He thinks heís so smart.

He thinks heís such a big deal.

He thinks heís the coolest.

He thinks heís the eight wonder [of the world].

He thinks heís the greatest thing since sliced bread.

He thinks heís the king of the jungle.

He/she doesnít know whoís in charge here.

Heads or tails?

Heaven help me; oh dear me; goodness gracious

Hey man, come on over!

Heís not in his right mind.

Hi, crayon!

Holy cow!

Hopelessly in love

How annoying!

How are you doing?

How dare you?

How do things work around here? Whatís the deal/story here?

How often

How sexy you look! How delicious you look!

How terrible! How outrageous!

Howís it going?

I appreciate it.

I canít place it; I donít know it.

I could eat a horse.

I couldnít care less.

I donít give a darn.

I donít give a shit!

I donít give a shit.

I forgot what I was going to say.

I hit my funny bone.

I hope it helps.

I lost my train of thought.

I love [it].

I need to apologize.

I take my hat off to you.

I was blown away

I'll see ya

I'm fed up. I've had it.   Video

I'm going to eat.

If everything goes according to plan

If he doesnít like it, too bad.

If I remember correctly

If I'm not mistaken

If you would be so kind as to ...

Imagine that

In a snap, lickity split

In fact, actually

In slow motion

in the blink of an eye

In the middle of the brouhaha

Is this what weíve come to?

It doesnít do it for me/doesnít work for me.

It goes without saying.

It looks horrible but it tastes good.

It seems

It seems to me

It's all good.

It's difficult

It's never too late.

It's on the tip of my tongue.

Itís better than nothing.

Itís hard for me.

Itís like the pot calling the kettle black.

Itís no big deal.

Itís no piece of cake!

Itís selling like hotcakes.   Video

Iíd go through thick and thin for you.

Iíll be right back.

Iíll be right there.

Iím going to give you what youíve got coming.

Iím going to miss you.

Iím gonna break your face.

Iím just getting here.

Iím not in the mood for a sermon.

Iím not that naÔve/dumb.

Iím thrashed. Iím beat.

Joined at the hip

Just a second, please.

Just my cup of tea.

Just what the doctor ordered; to be a godsend

Lator, gator.

Let's do the right thing.

Let's just say

Letís dance!

Letís get out of here!

Life partner, companion

Like a king / like royalty

Like father, like son

like ham and eggs

Little by little

Long live Mexico!

Look for problems where none exist

Look out! Watch out!

Loud and clear

Make a decision

Make me laugh.

May s/he rest in peace.

May the Lord forgive me.

Maybe, maybe not

Merry Christmas!

Move your butt.

My mouth is watering.

No comment.

No doubt about it.

No more excuses!

No problem

No problem.

No way

No way. Fat chance. Not going to happen.

Not a thing

Not available with other promotions and discounts.

Not labeled for individual resale

Obligatory, without other options, must

On the other hand

On the verge of

One chimpanzee, two chimpanzee

one more for the road

One thing leads to another.

One week/two weeks


Party on!


Piece of cake

Pipe down, chatterbox!


Price subject to change without prior notice.

Public display of affection

Quick as a wink

Quickly, flying

quote unquote

Rain threatens

Raining cats and dogs

Ready, set, go!

Remain standing

Retire on a shoestring budget

Right away

Right on!


S/he deceived them/us. S/he lied to us.

S/he has a lead foot.

S/he runs me ragged.

S/he thinks s/he's so great.

S/he thinks s/heís Godís gift to mankind.

S/heís as good as gold.

S/heís very talented.

Said and done!

See ya. Until we meet again.

See you later.

She thinks sheís hot stuff.

Short term, near future

Shotgun wedding, to have to get married [because of the baby]

Shut your trap.

Sooner or later

Sorry, I donít have any.

Soul mate

Speak of the devil

Spread the word

Stem to stern

Step back; Move a little.

Step on it. Hurry up.

Strong point, strong suite

Stubborn, pigheaded

Take the bribe or suffer the consequences.

Thank goodness

Thanks a million.

That makes two of us.

That's another story.

That's right.

Thatís it. Iím done. Iíve had it.

Thatís life!

Thatís not all, not only that

Thatís not right.

Thatís not right.

Thatís nuts!

Thatís something else entirely.

Thatís the last straw!

The better class of people

The cream of the crop

The girl of my dreams

The Lord is my shepherd.

The news spread like wildfire.

The pretty girl wants the luck of the ugly girl

The United States of America

The usual time

There's no going back. There's no turning back.

They ignore me.

Thick as thieves

Third time's a charm.

This is me, leaving.

Threeís a crowd

Through thick and thin

through thick and thin

Time got away from me.

Time is running out.

To agree with

To arrive late

To ask someone to save your spot in line

To be a wreck, to be trashed

To be as jumpy as a flea at a rodeo

To be born under a lucky star.

to be born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth

To be cut of the same cloth

To be frank, to be honest

To be in a bad mood

To be in seventh heaven

To be left high and dry

To be like oil and water

To be not one thing or another.

To be of the most distinguished, upper class, or high quality

To be out of the woods

To be pissed off

To be vain, conceited

To bring to light

To call a spade a spade

To catch red-handed

To cheat on your significant other

To come out of the closet

To come out of the closet

To cry one's eyes out

To cry oneself to sleep

To dance on someoneís grave

To discharge, to release

To draw blood, to beat bloody

To dump on someone

To each his own

To earn some bread / to earn some dough

to earn the bread by the sweat of oneís brow

To escape, to take flight, to flee

To fall below expectations, to underperform

To feel at home

To feel lazy, bored, uninterested or unenergetic

To feel like

To feel like a bug under the microscope

To gain importance

To get knocked up

To get tired out

To give you the moon and the stars

To goof up, to screw up, to make a mistake

To have a lead foot

To have an awesome time

To have an eye on

To have been poor; to come from humble beginnings.

To have blind confidence

To have friends in high places

to have lots of talent

To have oneís fifteen minutes of fame

To have the situation under control

To hit a person like a bucket of cold water

To keep quiet

To keep your eyes peeled

To make an effort

To make yourself scarce

To move heaven and earth

To play dead

To quit, to leave, to close

To really enjoy

To register

To run like mad

To settle down

To settle up

To shit oneself laughing

To start at the bottom

To stick one's nose in something

To take the lionís share for oneself.

To top it all off

To trick / to fool

To wind up empty-handed

To work like a dog

To work like mad

Trust me.

Trust your instincts.

Try me!

Under the table

Ut oh!

Very content, very comfortable

Viewer discretion advised.

Wardrobe malfunction

Watch your language.


We hope you like it

We're even.

Weíre broke.

Weíre going to have a few glasses of wine.

What a clown/comedian/jokester you are.   Photo

What a miracle! I donít believe it!

What am I, lunchmeat? Whatís wrong with my ___ ?

What can I do for you?

What cheek s/he has!

What's up?

What's up?



Whatever the cost

Whatever you say

Whatís the matter?

Whatís up? Whatís happening?

when it comes/came right down to it

Whoís calling?

With all due respect

With all my heart

With oneís back against the wall

With whom am I speaking?

Without a doubt

Without other options, by force, or else

Word of mouth

worst case scenario

Worst of all

Yeah, and Iím the Queen of England.

Yeah, right, tell me another one!

You canít get lost. You canít miss it.

You had me worried sick.

You have to believe in yourself.

You look good enough to eat.

You never know.

You think I just fell off the turnip truck.

You're welcome

You've got a screw loose

Youíre being cheap!

Youíre pretending not
to hear me.

Youíve got to take the bitter with the sweet.

[Put] Everything in its place.

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