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Beach weddings in Kino Bay -
Kino Bay
, Sonora L5879
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November, 2016
  Mid November
Festival de Globos Aerostaticos - Sporting Event
, Guerrero L622
Hot Air Balloon Festival
  Mid November
Concert: Philharmonic Orchestra of Acapulco - Music
, Guerrero L4440
Open-air concert by the Acapulco Philharmonic Orchestra, in downtown Acapulco.
  November 9th -16th, 2013
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L5032
Seven days of relaxation and fun for women wishing to get away from it all and find that little change in their lives that will make a difference.
  Mid November
International Marlin & Sailfish Fishing Tournament - Fishing
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L1002
Four-day fishing event with big prizes for biggest marlin, dorado, sailfish and tuna. Children's event also.
International Gourmet Festival - Food
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L998
Ten days of fine dining in several dozen of PV's finest restaurants. Chefs from around the world team up with local restaurants to produce new menus. Special prices at participating restaurants.
  Mid November
VII Annual Yucatan Bird Festival - Birdwatching
, Yucatan L654
Banquet, field trips, photography and competition all related to birdwatching
  November - annual
Taste of Playa - Food
Playa del Carmen
, Quintana Roo L3031
International Culinary Event and Fundraiser
  Mid November
Acapulco Air Show - Sporting Event
, Guerrero L4442
Air shows as well as entertainment at local beaches, restaurants, and hotels.
  Late November
Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 - Sporting Event
, Baja California L564
Double the distance of the grueling Baja 500 off-road race
  Last week in November or first week in December
Feria Nacional de la Plata - Handicrafts
, Guerrero L1848
Weeklong silver fair recognizing the work of international silversmiths
  Late November
Ford IronMan Cozumel - Sporting Event
, Quintana Roo L4118
US$75,000 in prizes will be awarded to first-, second-, and third-place finishers (men's and women's divisions) of this annual triathalon.
  End of November
Festival Internacional de Jazz & Blues - Music
San Miguel de Allende
, Guanajuato L911
Five-day event with free and paid concerts and events
  Nov - Dec
Feria Internacional de Queretaro -
, Queretero L1110
Livestock and handcrafts fair with carnival rides, food, ice-skating rink, motocross races, and on weekends, live music and theater.
January, 2017
Organic Farmers Market La Cruz de Huanacaxtle - Food
La Cruz de Huanacaxtle
, Nayarit L3222
Organic farmers' market held Sundays at el Kiosko, in the middle of town, 10AM to 2AM. Farm fresh eggs, organic produce, and more!
  Early January (annual)
Festival Internacional de las Artes - Birdwatching
, Yucatan L577
Government-sponsored cultural event this arts festival featuring concerts, dance, theater, fine arts and photography.
  Beginning of January
Anniversary of the founding of Merida - Cultural
, Yucatan L1191
More than two weeks of nonstop cultural festivities to celebrate Merida's anniversary. Music, theater, free outdoor concerts and entertainment, food, and fun.
  January 6 (annual)
Dia de los Santos Reyes - Religious
All over Mexico
, Select State L578
The Feast of the Epiphany, celebrating the arrival of the Magi in Bethlehem, is a family celebration. Children traditionally receive gifts; you'll see the ring-shaped Rosca de Reyes for sale in bakeries.
  January 6, 7 & 8 (annual)
Dias de Reyes - Religious
Santa Fe de la Laguna
, Michoacan L813
Epiphany celebration celebrated with traditional ritual dances
  January - February
Feria de Leon - Cultural
, Guanajuato L579
State fair featuring the usual: carnival rides, exhibits of regional products, music, and dances.
  End of January
Feria de la Candelaria - Cultural
, Yucatan L4450
One of the most important events of the region, a 12-day fair culminating on the Feast Day of the town's patron saint, la Virgen de la Candelaria (the Virgin of Candlemass). With handcrafts and art exhibits, cultural events, food, bullfights, and livestock shows.
  End of January
International Festival of Migratory Birds - Birdwatching
San Blas
, Nayarit L537
Daily trips to birdwatching areas such as Singayta, an excursion to Isla Isabel and nightly cultural events in the plaza.
  Every January
Sobriety Under the Sun - AA Convention
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L732
Annual celebration of sobriety, held on the shores of Banderas Bay at the luxurious Hotel Krystal. AA and Al-Anon.
February, 2017
  February 2 (annual)
Dia de la Candelaria - Religious
, Veracruz L581
Candlemas (the official end of the Christmas season), is celebrated in this sultry riverfront town with riverboat processions bearing bulls and other unusal festivities.
  February 3 - Annual
San Blas Day - Cultural
San Blas
, Nayarit L534
Fireworks, traditions, and a boat ride to the Rock of the Virgen.
  Mid February
San Miguel Writers Conference - Art
San Miguel de Allende
, Guanajuato L3094
Three-day writers conference for writers and readers, featuring keynote speaker Sandra Cisneros and other top authors. Pre- and post-conference writers intensive workshops plus historical walks, botanical gardens and other activities included.
  Last Saturday in February
Night of Stars - Cultural
, Puebla L4837
On the last Saturday of February, thousands of people gather on San Miguel Hill to look at the stars. There are also astronomy workshops and courses.
  Mid March
Vallarta Wine Fest - Food
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L1498
Third annual celebration of the grape with five days of events, including photography and poetry contests, wine tastings, wine pairings in area restaurants, and conferences.
March, 2017
  Sundays for the month preceding Lent
Danza de los Pochos - Religious
, Tabasco L580
Ceremonial dances combining pre-Hispanic and Christian traditions, Sundays preceding Lent. Masked, costumed dancers represent good and evil and other universal themes.
Carnival in Mazatlan - Cultural
, Sinaloa L840
Mazatlan boasts one of the largest carnival celebrations in Mexico.
  Mid March
Festival Cultura Cubana - Cultural
San Miguel de Allende
, Guanajuato L1566
Ten-day event feting Cuban culture, with free music & dance performances, films, and conferences.
  Late March
Festival of Mexico - Cultural
Mexico City
, Federal District L3261
More than two weeks of high-quality music, theater, dance, opera, contemporary animation, and workshops and activities for adults and young adults.
  Mid March
Rock and Roll Mexico City Half Marathon - Sporting Event
Mexico City
, Federal District L5375
A rock and roll half marathon will end with an outdoor concert after the race. A two-day health and fitness expo preceeds the race.
  March 20 annual
Fiestas del Equinoccio - Cultural
Yucatan L583
Spring and fall equinoxes celebrated by New Age types wearing white and meditating for world peace. Shadow slips down edge of Kukulkan Temple to represent god Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkan).
Music Festival to Rock Chacala Beach! - Music
, Nayarit L5217
One week of music at the beach of Chacala!
April, 2017
  April 8th - 10th
LPGA Future's Tour - Golf
Nuevo Vallarta
, Nayarit L3292
El Tigre Golf course, on the Riviera Nayarit, welcomes professional women golfers in a three-day event.
  End of April or beginning of May
Feria de San Marcos - Fair
, Aguascalientes L539
Mexico's oldest state fair, with agricultural, livestock expo and cultural booths
  Mid April
Cabo Marine Show - Sporting Event
Cabo San Lucas
, Baja California Sur L2409
Cabo's Nautical Event of the Year
  Week before Easter- annual
Semana Santa - Religious
All over Mexico
Semana Santa, the week leading up to Easter, is one of the biggest holidays in Mexico with silent processions, colorful indigenous celebrations and huge crowds at the beaches.
  Late April or early May
International Organ Festival - Music
, Michoacan L540
Since 1966, in Morelia's lovely cathedral, using a 4,600-pipe organ.
May, 2017
  May 1 (annual)
Dia de los Trabajadores - Cultural
All over Mexico
On this banking holiday most businesses are closed to give workers the day off. It's mainly a day to relax with family and friends.
  May 3
Dia de la Santa Cruz (Day of the Holy Cross) - Religious
All over Mexico
Carpinters, miners, masons, and laborers all over Mexico celebrate their special day by getting righteously drunk and shooting fireworks. Religious folks celebrate in a more serious way with Mass and other religious events, including processions where the cruifix is carried throughout town.
  May 3rd
Dia de la Cruz Verde - Religious
, Michoacan L542
Parade and band music between Zirahuen, Pichataro and Ihuatzio, venerating cross left by beloved
Chili Cookoff - Food
San Felipe
, Baja California L648
686/577-1180 (Gabriel)
Annual Club de Pesca International Chili Cookoff on the ramada patio at Club de Pesca RV Park
  May 5 (annual)
Cinco de Mayo - Cultural
, Puebla L650
Colorful and patriotic parades and other festivities marking defeat of French battalion at Puebla.
  Mid May
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L5276
Floral & Cultural Festival
  May 10 (annual)
Dia de las Madres - Cultural
All over Mexico
Mother's Day
  Mid- to late May
Feria de Santa Rita - Fair
, Chihuahua L1852
Two-week fair with cultural events, rides, food stands, and entertainment
Rodeo de Lanchas Mexicanas - Fishing
, Quintana Roo L4114
Annual sport fishing tournament that brings together competitors from Mexico and around the world to fish for Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, Barracuda and other game fish. More than a 100 boats participate in the event each year. Open to the general public, all are invited to take part in the tournament and participants simply need to register their boats in Mexico.
Restaurant Week - Food
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L585
For more than two weeks (despite its name) several dozen of PV's finest restaurants present inexpensive, fixed price menus. A great time to try new places!
  Moveable feast, about 60 days after Easter Sunday
Fiesta de Corpus Cristi - Religious
, Veracruz L590
Religious festival with costumed dancers, fair, food booths, carnival rides and parades.
  Third Monday in May (annual)
la Fiesta de Nuestra Senora de Ocotlan - Religious
, Tlaxcala L4448
The celebration of the Virgin of Ocotlan begins with a procession along streets decorated with cut paper flags and lavish “carpets” of flowers and colored sawdust. The pilgrimage visits the Parish of St. Joseph, the Ex-Franciscan Convent, and the shrine at the site where the Virgin appeared. Mass is celebrated in the courtyard of the Sanctuary of Ocotlan.
International Triathalon - Sporting Event
, Guerrero L620
International triathalon with adults and children's events
Bugambilia Festival - Cultural
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L4758
First Annual Bugambilia Festival
  May 18 - Annual
Anniversary of Morelia - Cultural
, Michoacan L555
Anniversary of Morelia celebrated with parades, singing contests, cultural events and demonstrations of civic pride.
Canoe Crossing in Honor of Ix Chel Goddess - Sporting Event
Playa del Carmen
, Quintana Roo L4115
The Sacred Mayan Journey project was founded with the purpose of recovering one of the most significant traditions of the ancient Mayan people of the region: the ritual journey of the Cozumel Channel to worship the Goddess Ix Chel. The voyage, in traditional Mayan canoes, starts in Pole (today Xcaret) to the island of Cozumel, returning from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen (formerly Xamanha port).
  End of May
National Wine & Cheese Fair - Food
, Queretero L571
Week-long wine and cheese fair with conferences, tastings, and live music.
June, 2017
  Early June
Tecate SCORE Baja 500 - Sporting Event
, Baja California L561
Challenging off-road race through the desert of Baja California.
  Early June, Annual
San Miguel de Allende's Annual Wine and Paella Festival - Food
San Miguel de Allende
, Guanajuato L4830
Paella-making contest in benefit of San Miguel children. Live music and delicious paella. At beautiful Hotel Real de Minas.
  June 5--13 (annual)
Fiesta de San Antonio de Padua - Religious
Barra de Navidad
, Jalisco L573
Feast day of St. Anthony of Padua celebrated with parades, fireworks and religious events.
  June 24 (annual)
Fiesta de San Juan Bautista - Religious
, Michoacan L771
Feast Day of Saint John the Baptist
July, 2017
  First Sunday of July
Fiesta de la Preciosa Sangre - Religious
, Michoacan L768
Religious procession dating to the 16th century
  4th of July Weekend - annual
US Independence Day - Fair
San Felipe
, Baja California L652
U.S. Independence Day is celebrated at the Beachcomber and Rocodile Bars celebrate with music and dancing.
  Beginning of July
Jazz Las Casas - Music
San Cristobal de las Casas
, Chiapas L1906
Jazz Las Casas attracts famed artists from the U.S and Mexico. Grammy award winner Frankye Kelly and pianist Frank Martin, currently touring with Sting, are two examples of the talented performers. Tickets are 50 pesos per event.
  Mid July
Festival de Coros - Music
, Michoacan L1903
Free choral festival presenting groups from Chihuahua, Yucatan, Mexico City and Michoacan perform at El Sagrario and Our Lady of Health churches.
  Mid July
Villista Cavalcade - Sporting Event
, Chihuahua L823
Chihuahua will host its annual, weeklong cavalcade from the city of Chihuahua to Hidalgo del Parral. Horseback riders will cover more than 136 miles of scenic Chihuahuan countryside; more than 1,000 horse riders and 400 motorcyclists are expected to participate.
Fiesta de Tlaxcala - Cultural
, Tlaxcala L2128
Comprehensive, 10-day town party with puppet shows, cycling exhibitions, concerts, gastronomic exhibitions, dancing, and other activities.
  Mid-July - Annual
Annual Whale and Shark Festival - Cultural
Isla Mujeres
, Quintana Roo L4179
Experience the family-friendly Whale Shark Festival. Swim with 40-foot whale sharks and other magnificent sea creatures of the Mesoamerican Reef, which separates Isla Mujeres and Cancun. Last year there were hundreds of whale sharks sighted! Also explore ancient Mayan ruins, join in traditional dancing performed by local troupes, and more.
  Mid July
Feria de la Fundacion de Durango & Feria Agricola - Cultural
, Durango L566
Founders Day and Agricultural Fair; ranching and agricultural roots celebrated with cock fights, equestrian events, charreadas and cultural events
  Mid July
12th Annual Nueva Paquime Festival - Cultural
Casas Grandes
, Chihuahua L825
Held just outside the renowned Paquime archaeological site (a UNESCO World Heritage Site), this festival is a celebration of the heritage and cultures of northern Mexico.
  July 21 & 22 (annual)
Fiesta de la Magdalena - Religious
, Michoacan L769
Feast day of Saint Mary Magdalene
  Mid July
Festival Internacional de Titeres Rosete - Cultural
, Tlaxcala L822
Puppet shows and puppeteering demonstrations in Tlaxcala theaters.
   End of July
Guelaguetza - Cultural
, Oaxaca L556
Regional dances in typical dress from the seven regions of Oaxaca, celebrated on two consecutive Mondays.
  End of July
Feria Nacional de Sarape - Handicrafts
Santa Ana Chiautempan
, Tlaxcala L826
National Sarape Fair, with exhibits and sale of this traditional garment used for warmth.
  End of July to Mid August
Festival Internacional de Musica de Camara - Music
San Miguel de Allende
, Guanajuato L829
Annual International Chamber Music Festival is an end-of-summer classical music festival featuring award-winning international ensembles, guest musicians and local artists performing in the city's beautiful open gardens and indoor venues, including and the grand gothic cathedral.
  End of July
Acapulco Juvenile Cliff Diving Tournament - Sporting Event
, Guerrero L827
At Acapulco's famous La Quebrada, divers between the ages of 16 and 25 will compete for approximately $2,000 USD.
August, 2017
  Beginnng of August
Feria Nacional del Cobre - Handicrafts
Santa Clara del Cobre
, Michoacan L780
National Copper Festival. Artisans from throughout the country display their handmade copper wares and compete for prizes.
  First two weeks of August
Fiesta de la Vendimia - Food
, Baja California L569
Two-week harvest festival celebrating Mexico's premiere wine-making region. Wine tastings, elegant meals, and cultural events
Valle de Guadalupe, Santo Tomas & Ensenada
  First two weeks of August (annual)
Fiestas Patronales - Religious
Santa Clara del Cobre
, Michoacan L781
Two-week religious holiday honoring Santa Clara and the Virgen del Sagrario, with parades, Mass, and other events.
  Early August - Annual
Bisbee's East Cape Offshore Tournament - Fishing
East Cape
, Baja California Sur L559
Five- and six-figure prizes for marlin, tuna and dorado during three days of fishing.
  9th, 10th, 11th of August 2014
Feria del Chile - Fair
, Michoacan L836
This town just outside Morelia is known for the many types of chiles grown. The chile festival includes sporting events, cock fights, horse races, rodeos, fireworks, town dance and parade.
  Middle of August
Feria de Humantla - Cultural
, Tlaxcala L885
Streets are decorated with flower petals and colored sawdust in this fair dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Finishes with running of the bulls.
  Mid to late August
Feria Nacional Potosina - Fair
San Luis Potosi
, San Luis Potosi L1853
San Luis's traditional fair has a cowboy feel, with bullfights and cockfights, rodeo, livestock exhibitions, and so on.
  Second weekend in August
Feria de Cecina - Food
, Puebla L4839
The second weekend of August, the city celebrates with live music and stands selling cecina, or dried beef dishes.
  End of August
Las Morismas de Bracho - Cultural
, Zacatecas L887
Recreating a battle between Moors and Christians (but really representing indigenous and European conflict), this mock battle has been held annually for the last 300 years.
  End of August - Beginning of September
Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y Charreria - Music
, Jalisco L888
Annual celebration of mariachi music and charreria, or fancy Mexican
  End of August/early September
Maraton Internacional de la Ciudad de Mexico - Sporting Event
Mexico City
, Federal District L886
Starting and ending at Mexico City's historic main plaza, this international marathon will attract some 15,000 runners. Air pollution and altitude make this a challenging race.
  August 30 & September 1 (annual)
Fiesta del Cristo de los Brazos Caidos - Religious
Barra de Navidad
, Jalisco L574
Town festival honors revered crucifix with parades, Mass and other events.
September, 2017
  Early to mid-October
Festival Cervantino - Music
, Guanajuato L2964
Three-week cultural event featuring free and paid ballet, theater, street performances, and concerts of rock, jazz, folkloric and chamber music by international entertainers.
  September 14 (annual)
Fiesta del Sr. de la Exaltacion - Religious
Santa Fe de la Laguna
, Michoacan L812
The town's principal fiesta is celebrated with bands, fireworks, and decoration of the church.
  September 15 & 16 (annual)
Mexican Independence Day - Cultural
All over Mexico
Patriotic parades and speeches, beginning at 11PM on September 15, in honor of Mexican independence from Spain.
  September 15/2013
Fiestas Patrias - Cultural
Puerto Escondido
, Oaxaca L5098
954 58 2 11 86
Fire works and Mariachi ( Free)
Fiestas del Equinoccio - Cultural
Chichen Itza
, Yucatan L584
Autumnal Equinox celebrated at Chichen Itza; snake shadow creeps down the Kukulkan Temple Pyramid in visual representation of the god Quetzalcoatl (Kukulkan). Prayer groups and vigils.
  Last Sunday of September
Huey Atlixcayotl - Cultural
, Puebla L4840
For more than 40 years, Atlixco has celebrated ethnic traditions with music, dance, and crafts from the State's 11 ethnographic regions. Held on San Miguel Hill.
  September (annual)
Fiesta de San Miguel Arcangel - Cultural
San Miguel de Allende
, Guanajuato L2979
Although the Catholic church puts this saint's day at September 29, San Miguel celebrates the first weekend after that date, with a parade on Saturday and large floral offerings called xuchiles. Dances, equestrian events and musical performances are performed beginning September 25.
  Sept 29, 2013
Feast of St. Michael, Cozumel Island - Fair
, Quintana Roo L4070
One of Cozumel's most important religious is La Fiesta de San Miguel Arcangel, or Saint Michael, Cozumel’s patron saint. The celebration begins on September 21 with colorful processions. Locals attend Mass and participate in daily parades wearing colorful traditional clothing. On the last day, a fleet of fishermen carries the statue in a sea parade, throwing flowers into the ocean as they motor along.
October, 2017
  October (annual)
Fiestas de Octubre - Cultural
, Jalisco L775
October Festival
  October and November (annual)
Otono Cultural de Valladolid - Cultural
, Yucatan L4451
Throughout October and November, cultural events are held at venues throughout the city, including city parks and the cultural center. During the latter part of October---dedicated to La Fiesta del Cristo Rey (Feast of Christ the King)---there is an artisan fair with vendors selling leather goods, jewelry, clothing, and hammocks, among other items.
  Early October
Festival Cervantino Cuernavaca - Cultural
, Morelos L1849
Musical performances (rock, electronic, jazz, classic, and ethnic musi) along with a limited number of other entertainment, such as ballet and folk dancing.
UjENA JAM + 5k/10k Race - Sporting Event
, Quintana Roo L3139

  Mid October
Bisbee's Black and Blue Tournament - Fishing
Los Cabos
, Baja California Sur L558
Three days of fishing, huge prizes, and plenty of partying
Los Cabos Offshore Tournament - Fishing
Los Cabos
, Baja California Sur L560
Three days of deep-sea fishing for huge prizes
  October 26-November 3, 2013
Dia de Muertos Cooking Course - Food
, Oaxaca L5038
Join Chef Susana Trilling for her Dia de Muertos week-long course, which takes places during this wonderful traditional holiday that is literally a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach! This course includes four hands-on cooking classes at Seasons of My Heart Cooking School, including one day where we make Mole Negro and create our own Muertos altar. Please see our website for more information.
  October 31--November 2
Day of the Dead - Cultural
All over Mexico
This event happens at the cemeteries all over Mexico. Depending on local tradition, people clean grave sites and some spend the night in the graveyard beginning October 31. Many towns have altars and other events for visitors in the center of town.   More Info...
  October 31--early November
Hanal Pixan (Day of the Dead) - Religious
, Yucatan L4452
In the main plaza and Parque de Sisal, altars are erected for departed souls. Area churches hold special Masses and Rosaries, and almost everyone in town heads to the cemetary to decorate graves of their departed loved ones.
November, 2017
  Beginning of November
Expo Ambar Internacional - Handicrafts
San Cristobal de las Casas
, Chiapas L828
The International Amber Expo highlights the hand-crafted jewels of the region. Forty-eight different tones can be found in Chiapas amber, which will be exhibited in a variety of forms, from sculptures to pieces of jewelry by hundreds of vendors and artisans.
  Beginning of November
Puerto Vallarta International Half Marathon and 5K - Sporting Event
Puerto Vallarta
, Jalisco L680
Annual running event with bands along the course providing entertainment. Half marathon, 10K and 5K races.