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Mexico Guru is a website created by two female Mexico lovers, a travel writer and a webmaster. We live in Mexico and have been exploring the country, between the two of us, for more than 50 years! Unlike many travel sites these days, we actually visit the places we write about. Stick with the Guru for the real scoop.

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MEXICAN vocabulary

Spanish: tienda de abarrotes / abarrotes

Meaning: shop, neighborhood store

Una palabra de origen gallego que se importó a México durante la colonia, un abarrote era primero lo que llamaban a un bulto que se traía en barco, y luego la mercancía misma. Por eso, el término “tienda de abarrotes” es una tienda donde vendían esa mercancía. Ahora le dicen muchas veces simplemente “el abarrotes.” Usualmente se refiere a una tiendita de vecindario. (A word of Galician origin brought to Mexico during colonial days, an “abarrote” was first a container brought on a ship and later, the merchandise within the container. So, the term “tienda de abarrotes” referred to a place where that merchandise was sold. Today the term is often shortened to just “abarrotes,” and most often refers to a small neighborhood store.)

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